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Informace pro cizince

Claim on the health care during a temporary stay in the Czech Republic -

Where to get information?

Information about contracting medical providers in the place of stay and other informations concerning health care during the temporary stay in the Czech Republic are available by the health insurance funds (HIF).

In case of any problem concerning health care during your stay in the Czech Republic, you can also contact us on e-mail address, or by phone on 00 420 - 234 46 (20 52), (20 53), (20 43), or by fax on 222 734 951

In case of emergency call the Ambulance. Central extension for emergency calls is 112 (international, communication in foreign languages)  and 155 (local, usually communication in czech language only).

Medical treatment

General informations and administrative procedures

To obtain treatment under the provisions of the European regulation it is important to contact medical institution (doctor, dentist, hospital), which is covered by the contract with the public health insurance system (most of them do).

Your European health insurance card or Provisional certificate has to be submitted to attending physician. If no of above mentioned documents is presented, the physician can ask for cash payment.

For purposes of costs reimbursements from contracting Czech health insurance fund doctor needs to see your EHIC card, Provisional certificate  and write included informations to specific internal form, so called "Potvrzení o nároku" (Certificate of entitlement). Doctor should also check your ID dokument (passport, ID card, driverś license).

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